I’m HANNAH PRISCILLA CRAIG — a multidisciplinary artist, organizer, performer, and designer interested in collaborative creation, experimental process, and the intersections of design and social justice.
Graphic Designer 
Design and execute print and digital graphics for posters, books, mailers, clothing, etc. Clients include: Antioch College, A Granel Orgánico, WIG: The Martin Worman Review of Performance Research at Antioch College, the Foundry Theater, Cities Past Podcast.
Personal Assistant
Gabrielle Civil
Design and produce email newsletter, create and execute promotional mailers, postcards, etc.
Program Intern
Headlands Center for the Arts
Assist with artist and public programing for the arts center, assist artists-in-residence with their work, organize artist library and other residency facilities Programming Assistant Creative Time, Inc. 2014 Installed Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety...” with a team of artists, oversaw all VIP and group tours of Creative Time’s current programming, managed data entry & programming information, and answered questions about Kara Walker and the project during public viewing hours.
Bilingual Assistant
CEIP Arquitecto Leoz; Puerto Real, Spain

Created lesson plans and taught bilingual classes for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.
Student Graphic Designer
Antioch College
Designed print and digital content for all departments of the college, including major event posters, program booklets, and brand identity for alumni reunion events. 

Staff Designer & Illustrator

Grace Galore Magazine
Design layouts for the digital magazine, create and maintain design styles, make illustrations to accompany stories.
Political Performance Organizer and Administrative Assistant
Mujeres de Artes Tomar (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Organized and participated in public political performance interventions, documented and archived performances and classroom experiences, designed new web presence, assisted in general function of the 4,000-member feminist collective based in Buenos Aires.

Student Editor

The Martin Worman Review of Performance Research at Antioch College
Edited submissions and laid-out the inaugural volumes of the College’s first student publication in recent history.

Antioch College 
Bachelor of Arts in Performance, emphasis in Spanish Language
The SITI Company
2015, 2018
Viewpoints & Suzuki Method Training, Composition & Speaking, Alumni Convening 
La Pocha Nostra
2016, 2017
Radical Pedagogy Workshop 
Weekly vertical dance series

Kulturfactory International Residency
Domicella, Italy

October 2019

Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival
Middlebury, Vermont
They Were Each Important To Each Other in That Moment.
NOFLASH Video Show
Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, New Jersey

They Were Each Important To Each Other in That Moment.
Ork Kota Platform 2018 Body Dance Picture Film Festival
SzólóDuó International Dance Festival in Budapest, Hungary
move / thru / space compilation one
Colloquia 2019
Herndon Gallery at Antioch College

move / thru / space compilation one

Guest Performer

The Committee for Research on Women and Gender’s 6th Annual Meeting
Fellowship in Peace Studies and World Law
2015, 2016

Lloyd Family Co-op
Horace Mann Fellow

Antioch College
Dean’s List Recipient

Antioch College

Craig, Hannah Priscilla. “DrainO.” WIG: The Martin Worman Review of Performance Research at Antioch College, I, no. II, Sept. 2016, pp. 12–17.
Craig, Hannah Priscilla. “//A/BODY//NOT/A/BODY//: A Conversation About Bodies, Race, Surrealism and the Contemporary Context in Connection to Marcel Jean’s Specter of the Gardenia.” WIG: The Martin Worman Review of Performance Research at Antioch College, I, no. I, Jan. 2016, pp. 93–98
Adobe Creative Suite    
Spanish (conversational)
Acting (Suzuki Method)

Google Apps
Microsoft Office Suite
Stilt Walking

New Language pt. 1; Two Broad – 2019
A correspondence and performance project taking place over the course of one year involving the sending of images back and forth between collaborators in the USA and Pakistan.

Theater Piece No. 1; The SITI Company – 2018
A performance of John Cage’s performance instructions for Theater Piece No. 1 as devised by the SITI Company and alumni of SITI’s training programs. Performed in the summer of 2018 at the Janet Kinghorn Bernhard Theater at Skidmore College.

contour / contorno / صورت†; Nayácircular – 2018

In this simultaneous action, the international collective Nayácircular marked movement through space with lines, embracing the complexity of a simple line to contemplate borders. A line separates and divides, connects distant points, and is a charged mark that joins, intersects, and complicates forms. Each member of the collective in her location (Perú, Spain, Pakistan, USA, and Argentina) walked and drew a chalk line along a piece of land that connected two bodies water (spits, bridges, isthmuses, and islands).
immerse / sumergir / محو†ہونا†; Nayácircular – 2018
This was the first simultaneous performance action created by international performance collective, Nayácircular. The action involved each of us in the collective entering a body of water at the same moment in each of our locations (Perú, Spain, Pakistan, USA, and Argentina). We were interested in immersing ourselves in a substance that flows freely, ignores borders, and connects us. Before entering the water, we each recited a section of a poem written by Emilia Aristimuño in our own language. The action was documented and viewable live in each location through social media.
move / thru / space; various locations, social media – ongoing
An experiment with movement, the shape of the body and the architecture of space. A series of videos shared online from different places in different parts of the world.
and, here we are existing; Antioch College – 2017
A collaborative performance installation focused on necessary elements for human survival with Heather Linger and Sam Stewart.
r e f l e c t; Antioch College – 2017
A collaborative performance installation, an experience, a memory, a manifestation, a release, a reflection created with Cristian Perez-Lopez, Esmé Westerlund, Ephraim Zamora, Jennifer Bish, and Karina Faulstich.
25 Targets; Antioch College – 2017
A performative response to Gabrielle Civil’s performance memoir, Swallow The Fish. A play with shadow and light created collaboratively with Cole Gentry.
Bedtime Stories by Charles Mee; Antioch College – 2016
A performance collaboration with Cole Gentry, Evera Rayne, Trinica Sampson, and Selena Wilkinson. A highly interactive mixture of play, performance art, installation, memory, dream, and story. The group devised the performance by combining Charles Mee's writing, their own dreams, and the intuition of the audience to create a surreal, haunting, magical experience.